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Adhesive Spray KK 100 GUNOLD

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KK100 Temporary Spray Adhesive

Gunold’s KK-100 18 oz temporary embroidery adhesive spray has led the market for decades as a best-in-class adhesive product. It creates a strong bond, yet allows for the easy repositioning of fabric. KK-100 is non-toxic and fully absorbs within 24-36 hours. Hoopless embroidery is suddenly no challenge – the tack is strong enough to avoid the awkward and time consuming hooping process. KK-100 is also great for holding die-cuts in place for applique, shifting between fabrics and backings, and holding our 3D embroidery foam. Embroiders who try KK-100 usually add this wonderful product to their must-have stock of embroidery supplies.


Popular Applications

  • Stretchy Fabrics and Knitware: To avoid pulling knitware out of shape, use KK- 100 to bond the backing and material together.
  • Appliqué: Holds appliqués correctly in place during the embroidery process. Fast and easy!
  • Slippery Material: Helps eliminate puckering. Spray backing and affix to the fabric or garment to create a flat surface where puckering cannot start.
  • Tough Spots: Using KK-100 in embroidery situations such as pockets and collars where hooping is difficult, or when it is nearly impossible to navigate the garment into a hoop.
  • No Pressure Marks: Use on embroidery items where stretching on a frame can cause pressure marks. Frame the embroidery backing, spray it, attach the fabric, and begin the embroidery!

Product Specifications

  • Can be purchased in Individual spray cans or cartons of 12 cans.
  • Each spray can is 500 ml.
  • Transparent spray glue contains no CFCs; flammable, non-toxic and odorless.
  • The manufacturer confirms that the adhesive contains less than 10 ppm of formaldehyde. For context, even the strict regulations (according to the ECO-Tex Standard 100) for baby clothing demands a value below 20 ppm.

KK-100 temporary embroidery adhesive creates a solid temporary bond that embroiderers have come to trust. Although competitors have tried to duplicate this best-in-class product, we remain the product leader surpassing competitors’ similar temporary bonding spray in both bonding quality and ease of use. We invite you to compare the usability of other products to our embroidery adhesive spray. You will see a difference.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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