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Bernina #88 Binder Attachment for Unfolded Bias Tape

For current BERNINA machines, the Binder Attachment #88 is available in 3 sizes and works with presser foot #95. It is designed to work with unfolded bias strips of fabric 28 mm, 32 mm or 38 mm in width. Here are the part numbers:

Binder Size 28 mm
32 mm
38 mm

Part Number 033505.70.03 033505.70.04 033505.70.05

Bias Strip Size
28 mm (scant 1-1/8”) 32 mm (true 1-1/4”) 38 mm (scant 1-1/2”)

Final Binding 7 mm (1/4”)
8 mm (5/16”) 11 mm (7/16”)


#95 Foot, 033554.70.00

Binder Attachment #88 and presser foot #95 may be ordered through Continental Sewing Center (859) 252-0309


How to use the Binder Attachment #88

• Cut the binding fabric into bias strips based on the above chart for your Binder Attachment size. Piece strips together on the bias to create the length needed for your project. Press seams open.

  • For best results, stiffen the binding fabric with Best Press Starch Alternative before cutting.
  • Attach Bias Binder Foot #95/95C to the machine.
  • Position Binder Attachment #88 so that the bias feeder aligns with the right toe of the foot, and the edge of the binder is against the right side of the foot. Attach the screw through the slot in the Binder and into the right hole on the machine.
  • Feed the bias strip into the slot of the binder. Swing the binder front slightly to the right if needed. Use an awl or stiletto to encourage the fabric to feed into the binder.
  • Raise the presser foot and pull the fabric through the binder so that the fabric extends completely under the foot.
  • Lower the presser foot and sew a few stitches. Adjust the needle position to the right until the needle penetrates the fabric just to the right of the fold.
  • Position the fabric to be bound into the area between the folds of the bias and continue stitching. Make sure that the biasstrips can ow freely into the binder.
  • Check to ensure that the fabric is completely encased in the fold and that the stitching catches the fabric and the binding. Adjust the needle position if necessary.
  • Ties may also be created using this technique. Simply stitch the bias strip without inserting any fabric into the folded strip.

    TIP: For binding the edge of a quilt, make the edges of
    the sandwich (top, batting, backing) as thin as possible for smooth feeding into the Binder by serging or using a narrowzigzag stitch to atten and stabilize it.


For machines models produced prior to the 180 in 1997, the Binder is available in 2 sizes. Here are the part numbers:

Binder Attachment #84 (20-24 mm), 008379.71.01 Binder Attachment #84 (22-26 mm), 008379.71.02 Either of the above Binders must be used with #94 Foot, 032715.70.00


Binder attachment for unfolded bias tape # 88 is ideal for bias-binding fabric edges.

The unfolded tape is fed through the attached bias-tape feeder, positioned precisely on the fabric edge, and held in place securely until it is sewn.

This produces neat, even edge bindings on home furnishings, quilts, and items of clothing. Available in three versions for tape widths of 28 mm (scant 1-1/8”), 32 mm (1-1/4”) and 38 mm (scant 1-1/2”), Binder attachment for unfolded bias tape #88 must be used with matching binder foot #95 / 95C for perfect results.


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